Sportsman:    Modified:  Legends:    ProStock:   Street Stock:   4Cyl Sr.:               

Mike Mckerrell             Dan Wood          John Beatty Sr.        Jesse Hilger            Jim Anzalone              Mike Houghtaling

Dan S. Conklin Jr.         Norm Barnes       John Beatty Jr.        Norman Barnes       Gary VanOrden         Charlie Houghtaling

Doc Young                   John Cote            Joe Graf                 Wayne Kirkpatrick  Bill Halstead               Woody McGibbon

                                    John Condit         Luke Marzono         Charlie Howe Jr.     Dan Bertholof             Eddie Lindstat

                                    Fred Graf Jr.       Mike Alcaro             Bobbie Policastro    Vinnie Stanton            John Clarke

                                    Steve Conklin      Tommy Barton          Gene Palmer          Tom Jones                   Jim Hughson

                                    Greg Height        John Visconti            Rick Bradley           Tom Johnson               Joe Smith

                                    Beryle Herman                                   Jim Helt                  Howie Bott                  Patty Falkena

                                                                                             Terry Arnold           George Zeninger        Bert Long

                                                                                             Joe Barnes              Joe Graf                    Kevin Schmidt

                                                                                             Glen Aumick                                            Larry O’Donnell

                                                                                             Willy Nickerson

                                                                                             Skip Lapolt

                                                                                             Willy Auchmoody

                                                                                             Edgar Hedges

Bethel Motor Speedway is proud Offer the Following Youth Divisions:

4Cyl Jr:                Bandolero:

Dan Curry                            Ryan Condit

Johnathan McGibbon           Joseph A. Graf

Paul Curry                           A.J. (Audrey Jean) Hamilton

Stephen Schmidt

Jason Chavelier

Mike Travis

Gary Van Orden Jr.

Amber Van Orden

Tim Curry

Artie Palmer

Billy Curry

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