LegendStock 2008 Champions:
Overall and Pro:    Michael Gervais   #31
Semi-Pro:              Mike Alcaro        #88
Masters:               Tim Brockhouse   #00
Bandolero:              Matt Evans        #2
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July 7, 2010

BETHEL, NY – Amid the increasing buzz surrounding the Legends Million to be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway (NC) next week, a new car was unveiled that will be used to promote LegendStock 2010 at Bethel Motor Speedway. With a “throwback” wrap that is reminiscent of the Woodstock era, the car is sure to grab attention both on and off the track.

Masters division driver Tim Brockhouse of Minnesota debuted the car this week at the Summer Shootout, and will be behind the wheel for the Legends Million July 15th through the 17th. The Summer Shootout race was Brockhouse’s first time competing at Charlotte, but he brings with him an impressive racing resume that includes 66 feature event wins and six track championships. Brockhouse was also the 2007 INEX Grand National champion, and was the runner-up for two nationals – one on dirt and one on asphalt.

Following the Legends Million, Brockhouse plans to race the car at LegendStock 2010, to be held at Bethel Motor Speedway on August 7th. Brockhouse has been a strong supporter of Bethel since its reopening in August of 2008, making several trips from Minnesota to New York to compete at the ¼-mile asphalt oval that is located just four miles from the site of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

Brockhouse has registered some success during the LegendStock events, capturing the Masters division win at the inaugural race in 2008 and again in 2009. He has yet to claim the overall win. At the LegendStock 2009 event, Brockhouse led the majority of the race, but a late-race caution proved to be just what Pro division competitor Daniel Hemric needed to get past Brockhouse for the win.

LegendStock is the highest-paying single Legends event in the Northeast, with a guaranteed payout of $1,500 to the winner and an overall purse of $3,000. Perhaps more coveted than the payout, however, are the trophies that LegendStock has become known for. For the last two years, division winners have been awarded three-foot tall guitar-shaped trophies.

This year, the event will also be an INEX qualifier, and the race distance will be extended to 50 laps.

Registration for LegendStock 2010 opened last week, and Brockhouse was among the first entrants for the event. Registration is $70, and includes a commemorative t-shirt. PayPal is accepted for registration.

After LegendStock, Brockhouse has announced that he will donate the car to Bethel Motor Speedway.

In addition to the Legends, Bandoleros also race as part of the LegendStock event. Last year’s Bandolero winner was awarded a two-foot tall version of the same guitar-shaped trophy the Legends winners received. The past LegendStock Bandolero race winners – Matt Evans in 2008 and Andrew Bickford in 2009 – have both moved into Legends cars and are regular competitors at Bethel. Matt Evans has already registered for the Legends race, and his brother Max has entered the car that Matt won with in 2008 for the 2010 Bandolero event. The entry fee for Bandolero drivers is being waived by Bethel Motor Speedway.

For more information or to register either a Bandolero or Legends car for LegendStock 2010, visit www.legendstockshootout.com. All questions can be directed to legendstockny@yahoo.com.



June 24, 2010

BETHEL, NY – This past week, Bethel Motor Speedway officially opened up registrations for the prestigious, $1,500-to-win LegendStock 2010, slated to be held on Saturday, August 7th with a raindate of Sunday, August 8. Several drivers have already submitted registrations.

It is no surprise that both Minnesota’s Tim Brockhouse and New Jersey’s Mike Alcaro were among the first registrants. Brockhouse has captured the Masters division win in both races held since the event’s inception, but has yet to walk away with the overall win. Brockhouse led the majority of the LegendStock 2009 race, but was overpowered by eventual INEX Asphalt Pro division national champion Daniel Hemric in the closing laps. Hemric went on to grab both the overall and Pro division win. Alcaro, who captured the Bethel Motor Speedway 2009 Legends championship, was the Semi-Pro winner at LegendStock 2008, but suffered misfortune during LegendStock 2009, competing in the Pro division. Alcaro is also seeking his first overall win at the event. He posted nine regular-season feature wins at Bethel in 2009, and has already pocketed two wins during the speedway’s 2010 season.

Another early entrant was Pennsylvania's Mike Carroll Jr. Caroll has raced quarter midgets, D/A and asphalt Modifieds, and is presently in his second year of Legends competition. He could be among the favorites for a win at LegendStock 2010, as he currently leads the point standings at Bethel. New Jersey’s Richie Coy, a 2010 Legends rookie who has made Bethel his home track, has also filed an entry for the LegendStock 2010 race. Coy, a Pro division competitor, has been racking up laps at the ¼-mile asphalt speedway, and currently sits second in the track’s Legends point standings. Another Bethel regular, Joe Graf, is among the early entrants as well. Graf competes in the Masters division, and will have to contest with Brockhouse for the division win. Rookie Robert Kelshaw, another Pannsylvania native, was quick to send his entry in as well. Kelshaw made his Legends racing debut at Bethel during the opening day event back in May. The first Long Island driver to file an entry was John Visconti, who was on hand for the LegendStock 2009 event. Visconti did not qualify for last year's A-main, and he will be looking to make a start in the feature this year.

In addition to the prestige normally carried by the LegendStock race, the drivers who take home the three-foot-tall guitar-shaped trophies will also be recording wins at an INEX qualifier, as it was announced earlier this year that LegendStock 2010 would serve as a qualifier race.

Online registration is available by visiting www.legendstockshootout.com. The registration fee is $70 per car and driver, and includes a commemorative LegendStock 2010 t-shirt, plus the opportunity to attempt to qualify for the highest-paying single Legends event in the Northeast. PayPal is accepted for registration.

Bandoleros will also be run as part of the LegendStock 2010 event. Both former Bandolero winners from LegendStock – Matt Evans and Andrew Bickford – have moved into Legends cars and compete at Bethel. This leaves the door wide open for a first-time Bandolero winner at LegendStock, and the entries have already started coming in.

Among the first to register was Joseph Graf Jr., who was the highest-finishing Bandolero competitor at Bethel in 2009. So far in the 2010 season, Graf Jr. has collected two wins and he currently sits atop the Bandolero point standings. Both Mikey Policastro and his sister Christina have also filed entries. M. Policastro won two events at Bethel in 2009 in eight starts, and he is presently second in the 2010 point standings for the class. C. Policastro is a rookie competitor who is gaining valuable seat time at the speedway. Others who have filed entries include Taylor Hurban and Jared Palmer. Hurban is a rookie who has been impressive in her first four starts in the class. Palmer, who began racing during the 2009 season, is the youngest driver ever to race at Bethel.

The entry fee for Bandolero drivers will be waived for the LegendStock 2010 event, as it is for all 2010 events at Bethel. Bandolero drivers are encouraged to fill out the same registration form as the Legends drivers.

For more information about LegendStock 2010, visit www.legendstockshootout.com, or email legendstockny@yahoo.com.

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LegendStock 2009 Champions:
Overall and Pro:    Daniel Hemric       #21
Semi-Pro:              Roger Coss          #17
Young Lions:          Dusty Summers   #44
Masters:               Tim Brockhouse   #00
Bandolero:              Andrew Bickford #64

Footage from LegendStock 2009

Courtesy of Shanty Hill Productions

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Ad from the July 20th issue of Area Auto Racing News

Congratulations to LegendStock 2009 winner Daniel Hemric on his win in the Legends Million!

Featuring Bayley Currey, Tim Brockhouse, Daniel Hemric, Michael Gervais, and Matt and Max Evans

There will be open Legends practice from 5:00-5:30 pm on race day!

If you haven’t raced at Bethel yet this year, click HERE for a Driver Info Form. Click HERE for a minor waiver if you or any member of your party is a minor. You can print these, fill them out, and hand them in at sign-in.